Structural Adhesives V Conventional Fastening Methods

Structural Adhesive products are increasingly replacing rivets, tapes and welds in challenging applications. This blog post aims to increase your understanding of the advantages of using structural adhesives over conventional fastening methods.

Epoxies for Flip Chips

Flip chips are a mainstay of modern electronic construction. They provide a way to miniaturise and speed production of electronic devices, as well as increase performance. Epoxies are used almost universally with flip chips to improve reliability of construction. Depending on the application, different epoxies and methods of application can be used to maximise efficiency and quality.

Medical Device Adhesives

In this modern day, medical devices are becoming more practical and refined, whether this be for in use inside or outside of the body, in the form of instrumentation or surgical tools, or for diagnostic monitoring or therapeutic purposes.


This blog post aims to ensure you are able to select the most effective sealant for your application. The post is broken down into Sealant functions and benefits with emphasis placed on explaining the differing types of Sealants available on the market, whether this be: Thread, Flange, RTV, UV Light or Silicones.

Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Electrically Conductive Adhesives are now a popular choice in today's market due to the rising need for electronic devices in our day-to-day living. This blog post will outline the varying types in detail in order for you to choose the most appropriate.

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