Do you have questions about adhesives? Ask the Glue Doctor

The Glue Doctor

The Ellsworth Adhesives Glue Doctor is ready and waiting to help with your application!

With a wealth of technical knowledge and experience, The Glue Doctor can answer your adhesive questions and assist you in finding the best possible assembly solution for your needs.

The Glue Doctor will:

  • Analyse your needs, your end product and process requirements.
  • Identify any constraints in terms of process time, materials and existing systems.
  • Relate your needs and constraints to a possible set of solutions.
  • Source adhesives and adhesive dispensing equipment for your application.
  • Help to set up your adhesive system and test for suitability.
  • Stay in touch with you to make sure everything is running as it should
 You may also find answers to your questions on our FAQ, Practical Information and Product Definition sections. 

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